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$20 and 10 minutes well spent

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I like gadgets and I'm always adding them to my motorhome. Most of them turn out to work like I expected.

That's the case with the screen door handle I installed yesterday. It was $18.50 with free shipping from Amazon. Here's the link to it on Amazon. You can probably get it at most RV stores also.

It was easy to install. I had to drill six holes to get the screws started, but the whole project was completed in less than 10 minutes. Most of that time was spent measuring and remeasuring.

Here's what the finished job looked like.

It looks like the camera focused on the trees behind the door instead of on the door.

I think newer RVs come from the factory with a handle like this on the door. It works exactly like I expected it to giving me something to grab to open or close the screen door. As an added benefit, it makes the flimsy screen door feel a lot more sturdy. It also gives me something to hold onto for balance when I'm going down the steps as I exit the motorhome.

In other words, I'm happy with this project.

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