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Does your RV have Character?

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Your RV is one of the family. It needs a name.

Your RV should be like your dog--something you love dearly and would never think of getting rid of.

Well, not exactly. It's OK to sell your RV and get a different one that you like better. You probably wouldn't want to sell your Doberman just because you found a Poodle that you like better. But it's OK to sell your Class C RV if you decide you like an Airstream better.

Other than the fact that it's OK to get rid of your RV and get a different kind, think of your RV the same way you would your dog. After all, RVs are unique and they have character.

Here is an RV that has character. I wish I had asked the owner what he had named his RV. I'm sure it has one. (When you stepped inside of this RV, it looked like you were stepping back into the 1950s.) The car that was painted to match the camper is a 1955 Chevy. I know. I used to have one.

One of the best ways to make your RV one of the family is to name it. You wouldn't think of getting a dog and then not giving it a name.

RVers are not as hung up on naming their rig as boat owners are about naming their boats. Boat owners have to have a ceremony to change the name of their boat. And they usually destroy a perfectly good bottle of champagne in the process. We RVers are not so foolish.

When RVers buy a used RV, they don't even know what the previous owner had named the rig, unless of course, it is painted on the RV. And yes, some people do paint the name of their RV on the front or back of their rig.

Here are some of the RV Names I've Come Across

While reading posts on Facebook and seeing hundreds of RVs in campgrounds, I've compiled a list of RV names I like. Many RV names have stories to go with them. I've added stories below for a few of these names.

Since there are 8.9 million RVs in the US and there are not 8.9 million unique names for RVs, a lot of RVs have the same name. And a lot of RVs don't have names.

If you need help coming up with a name for your RV, maybe this list will help you:

  • Tag-along (for a camper)

  • The Castle

  • Cram-A-Lot Inn

  • Wheel-Estate

  • Hi-Ho Silver

  • Dolly (It's a Newmar Kountry Star model.)

  • Willie (On the road again)

  • Gypsy

  • The Beast (That's the name of my motorhome. I started calling it that becasue that's what it felt like when I first started dirving it.)

  • The Fort (Because we all built forts to play in as kids--now we're still playing in a fort.)

  • Leap-of-Faith (or just Faith for short)

  • Iron Teepee

  • Mobile Mansion

  • RVie

  • Bobby McGee

Naming your RV and making it part of the family will change your attitude towards your rig.

That's important because your RV will be part of your life. It will take care of you and you will have to take care of it. Just like your dog, your RV will need annual checkups, an occasional bath, a lot of feeding (gas), and from time to time there will be trips to the vet (I mean the RV shop).

Don't think of your RV as the enemy or the cause of all of your troubles. (Yes, it will break down or need maintenance at the most inconvenient times. And it will need expensive work done sometimes when it doesn't fit your budget or your schedule. Your kids probably needed braces at a time when it didn't fit into your budget too).

My brother's dog recently had to have surgery for a blocked bladder that cost $1,800 (plus a lot of follow-up visits). Just like your RV, she was one of the family and no one complained about the expense.

Bottom Line: Name your RV, think of it as one of the family, take care of it, and you will both have a wonderful time together. When you name your RV, post the name in the Discussion Form and if there is a story to go with the name, tell us about that too.

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