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The 10 favorite things I've added to my RV

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About the only thing that limits what you can add to your RV is your budget.

I've made modifications and added several things to my motorhome in the five+ years I've been on the road. Some of them have been expensive and some have been dirt cheap. Here are some things you might want to put on your Christmas or birthday wish list.

I haven't shown pictures of all of these items, but I have provided links so you can click and see pictures and more information about the items on Amazon.

Here is my list of what I would call my ten favorite gadgets or modifications:

1. Tire pressure monitor: TST 507rv Tire Monitor System $310 for a six-sensor system. There are several brands of tire pressure monitoring systems on the market and I haven't heard anything bad about any of them. The one shown here from Truck System Technoligies is the only one I've had experience with. I love it. Having a digital readout on the dash showing the air pressure and temperture and of all six tires on my motorhome plus the tires on my dolly and back tires on my car when I'm towing it is worth it's weight in gold to me.

At a price of a little over $300, it's expensive, but I can easily justify the expense by using my tires for at least one year longer than I would without the system. In other words using that kind of accounting, I can consider the system to be free.

2. EternaBond RSW-4-50 Roof Sealant Tape: Use it to cover seams on your roof and it will never leak again. A 50ft roll of 4-inch wide tape is $52 on Amazon. Here is the link:

3. Screen door cross bar: I don't know why all RVs don't some with this as a standard feature. It makes getting in and out a lot easier and it makes the screen door more sturdy. It's $18 on Amazon. Here is the link:

4. Handheld Moisture meter: I use this digital moisture tester to know if and when I have leaks. You can quickly know if you have a leak by checking the moisture in the walls. By all means use one of these when you're checking out an RV to buy. It's $29 on Amazon and here is the link:

5. Hardwood floors: $350 for material and $300 for labor to install the flooring.

I recently did a major upgrade on my motorhome. Actually, the effort was minimal, but the results were major. I ripped out all of the old carpet, and replaced it with hardwood flooring. I went with the Rustic Hickory vinyl flooring. To me, hardwood floors look so much cleaner. And they are cleaner. The carpet was never completely clean.

The cost was $300 labor and about $350 for materials. I put the new flooring everywhere -- in the bedroom, bathroom, and all over. I used the top of the line vinyl flooring. I could have saved about $100 by using a lower grade of flooring. I'm happy with the results. That's what matters.

Here is a picture showing what it looks like.

6. Sewer hose: You might think it would be hard to get excited about a sewer hose, but take a look at this one and you might get excited too. I leave it connected to my motorhome and I just open the door, grab the end of the hose and stick it in the dump fitting and use the handle to open the valve. (Of course, I have to open the valve back at the tank too.) It's the Lippert 359724 Waste Master 20' Extension RV Sewer Hose Management System for $124. Here's the link to it on Amazon:

7. Oxygenics Showerhead and hose: This showerhead uses very little water and it feels like you're getting a high-pressure stream of water. It's great for rinsing your hair. It has a lifetime warranty. It's $33 and here's a link to it on Amazon:

8. RV Surge Protector I have the Progressive Industries EMS-PT50X Portable RV Surge Protector 50-amp model. This model sells for $353 and is available from Amazon at this link:

Of course, the 30-amp models are a little less. There are different brands and different models ranging from about $150 to $450. Are these devices worth this much? It's like asking if having collision insurance is worth it. Having low voltage, high voltage or voltage spikes can destroy electronic equipment and air conditioners. If you can afford one, I think they are well worth the money.

9.External holding tank monitoring system: The SEE LEVEL 709P31003 Tank Monitoring System is a little expensive at $251, and maybe it's not necessary, but if you need something else to put on your wish list, this is a great thing to have.

Everyone knows that the sensors installed inside the holding tanks on RVs are almost useless and they always give false readings because the sensors are always getting gunked up. This device has sensors that stick to the outside of the tanks so they can't get contaminated. You get an accurate, digital reading of all three tanks on a monitor panel installed inside your RV. I love mine. It's $251. Here is a link to it on Amazon:

10. Kit to use an external propane tank: These kits allow you to connect an external propane tank to your RV. They are especially useful if you have a motorhome with a built in propane tank. Instead of having to drive to get your propane tank refilled, you can use an external tank. These kits run between $35 and $85. The kits are easy to install. I have one and love it. Here's a link to one model on Amazon. I think this is the one I have.

Bottom line: These 10 items are not listed in any particular order. You may already have some of these items and if you don't, your budget may not allow you to purchase all of them at once, but take a look at the list and as your budget allows, start accumulating the ones you think would be the most benefical to you.

As you can see, some of these items are for your safety, some are for preventing damage to your RV and equipment, some items are for peace of mind, and some are for enjoyment or convience (showerhead and sewer hose).

I like them all, but then, I'm a gadget freak. Well, I don't know if I'm a freak, but being an engineer, I do like gadgets.

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