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How to Make Money on the Road

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If you live full time in an RV, you're going to need a source of income (unless you're a trust fund baby).

The main thing that keeps a lot of people from embarking on the full-time RVing lifestyle is the lack of a steady source of income.

I don't write many book reviews on this site (in fact, I don't think I have ever posted a book review on the site). I'm making an exception in this case because I think everyone who is living in an RV or thinking about it, should own the book. This book gives you freedom because if you have several streams of income, you're free to relax, travel, and not have to worry about losing your job or making a living.

No special skills required

Imagine always having several sources of income in your back pocket that will allow you to bring in extra money at the drop of a hat any time you decide to spend a little more time working. Most of the techniques described don't require any special skills. You'll be in control. You can decide how much you want to work and how much income you want. Best of all, you can change your plans anytime you want to.

William Myers' new book Road Cash: How to earn money while living on the road shows you how to do just that--earn money while living on the road. This 163-page book has 30 chapters describing in detail ways the author and other RVers are earning money while living in an RV.

These money-making techniques work for me

I know the techniques work because I'm using several of them and they work exactly as the book describes. Even if you are already making money on the road, it's good to have multiple sources of income. You never know when one source might dry up. In this book, you'll find several ways to earn money while living on the road.

You can find the book on Amazon at the link below:

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