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How to get your favorite gadgets for free

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RV gadgets are nice to have, but they can get expensive.

In my previous article, The 10 favorite things I've added to my RV, I described the 10 gadgets I have added to my RV that I like the most. They were all nice, but some of them were in the $300 to $400 range.

I'm sure you have some gadgets you've been wanting to add to your RV, and I'm sure some of your favorite gadgets are different from my list of favorite things.

The problem is that I bet some of the gadgets you have been wanting are expensive just like some of the ones I like. After all, if they were not expensive, you would have already bought them.

Wouldn't it be nice if there were a way you could own the gadgets you really want with absolutely no impact on your monthly budget?

Here's how to get your favorite gadgets with zero impact on your budget

Benjamin Franklin said, "A penny saved is a penny earned." Maybe he wasn't referring to how to pay for RVing gadgets when he said those words, but who knows, maybe he was.

Anyway, if you want an RVing gadget and the price is $300, here are some ways to pull $300 out of your monthly budget. It's simple. You just find ways to plug the leaks where money is gushing out of your budget.

By the way, I'm sure you don't want to do the things I'm going to describe every month, (I know I wouldn't), but think about whether it would be worth it to make the sacrifice for just one month in order to have the gadget you've been wanting.

My five favorite ways to put a ding in your budget for a month

  1. Boondock for two weeks. Or maybe boondock for a whole month. Of course, maybe you're already doing this. If not, you'll find that this is an easy way to save several hundred dollars in one month. Who knows, you might even decide that you like boondocking and will want to do more of it from time to time. I love to boondock for short periods of time. I don't think I would like to do it full-time.

  2. Don't buy anything for a month. Don't order anything from Amazon, don't go to Walmart, and in general, don't go shopping for a month. We all buy too much stuff that we don't need.

  3. Don't eat out for a month. It's nice to go out to eat, but you can get by for one month without eating out a single time. For some people this would be a big savings, and it will save more than we realize for all of us.

  4. Cut your food budget to the bone for a month. Eat a lot of rice and beans, soups, cut out junk food, and by all means, don't let leftovers go to waste. We're all guilty of leaving stuff in the refrigerator for a week and then throwing it out. At every meal, start by considering what leftovers you have and then decide what you will need to go with the leftovers you have to make a meal. I'm sure you don't want to eat like this forever, but we're talking about doing it for only one month so you can have the gadget you really want.

  5. Don't travel for a month. This is a double savings. You will save gas and when you rent a campsite for a month, it's a lot cheaper.

I'm sure none of these ideas are new to you or are things you didn't already know and maybe you don't want to do any of them (or maybe you're already doing some of them). If you decide that you don't want the gadget you've been thinking about bad enough to do any of these things, that's fine.

You can also apply this technique in a small way

If you want a $30 to $50 item, you could decide if you had rather go out to dinner or have the gadget.

The good thing is that you always know that you have a choice and anytime you want something bad enough, you know how to get it with zero impact on your monthly budget.

The things I've talked about doing are not permanent. I'm talking about doing one or more of these things only for one month. You know you can do that if you really want to. So it comes down to whether you really want the gadget you thought you wanted.

Bottom line: Probably one of the reasons you enjoy the RVing lifestyle is because you have choices. This is one of those choices. Maybe none of the things listed is something you want to do right now, but it's good to know that the option is there anytime you decide to change your lifestyle for a month in order to get the gadget you want.

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