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Interesting places

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When you live in an RV there is always something new to discover.

When I have someplace I need to go that's not on my planned route (like a funeral, wedding, music festival, or a short work gig), I sometimes leave my motorhome in the campground and drive there. My Prius gets about 60 mpg and my motorhome gets about 6 to 7 mpg.

Since I'm usually camping at a campground for a month at a time so I can get the monthly rate (or I"m boondocking), it doesn't cost me anything to leave my motorhome where it is.

I spent last week in Charleston, SC working with some hotels and restaurants. The hotel I was working with gave me a free room for the week, so I didn't take my motorhome. But they were booked up for the weekend, so I didn't get a free room for Friday night.

I love staying in hostels, so I found a hostel in downtown Charleston for $28 for Friday night and booked that. The name of the hostel was "NotSo." In other words, the place was called, the Charleston NoSo Hostel. Here are two pictures of the place.

As you can see, the hostel was a charming old two-story house. It was right in the middle of downtown Charleston.

Hostels are always interesting. When I checked in they gave me my sheets, pillowcase, and towel. I had to make my own bed. I was told that When I checked out, I should take my sheets and towel and put them in a basket next to the washing machine.

One reason I like hostels rather than hotels (other than them being a lot cheaper) is that the people I meet in hostels are always interesting. At this hostel, there was a guy from Ireland staying there for a couple of nights and a guy from Canada.

I stayed in a hostel in Chattanooga, TN a couple of nights last year. At that hostel, for breakfast, you got your eggs fixed exactly the way you like them--because on the kitchen counter was a carton of eggs and the skillets were hanging on the wall. In other words, you cooked your own eggs.

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