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My rig is a 34-foot, 2002 National Sea Breeze Class A motorhome with two slide-outs.

It's not one of the newer fancy rigs, but it has been very dependable. It has a ton of room inside and a lot of storage in the bins outside. In fact, sometimes I think it has too much room for just me because I accumulate too much junk and have to go through it from time to time throwing things out.

It gets 8 mpg pulling my toad.

It has a Ford V-10 engine which is a very reliable engine. I'm sure it will still be running when everything else in the RV is worn-out.

It's not as powerful as the diesel pusher engines, so when I know I'm going to be going up a really steep grade, I carry some peanuts with me so I can feed the squirrels as they run along beside me.

Probably the best way to describe it is to show some pictures.

Near Greensboro, NC in a parking lot behind Cracker Barrel restaurant

In Anastasia State Park near St. Augustine, FL

Near Vero Beach, FL at Sebastial Inlet at Long Point RV Park

In Cedar Key, FL at Sunset Isle RV Park

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