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One Question Will Tell if You Can You Afford Full-Time RVing

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Spending time camping off in the wilderness as suggested by this picture is a dream of a lot of people who are considering the RVing lifestyle.

But they also want to be logical and they ask themselves, "Can I afford to live this lifestyle?" Answer this one simple question and you will know for sure if you can afford to live full-time in an RV.

There are a lot of things to consider when you're trying to answer this question, but yes, there is one simple question you can ask yourself that will give you the answer immediately. You don't have to worry about how much it will cost you a month to live in an RV or how much income you will have while you're living the RVing life. I'll show you why none of that matters. Here's the only question you need to answer:

How much are you saving each month?

Here's why the answer to that question is important. When you live full-time in an RV you can easily cut your living expenses way down. And on top of that, it's easy to make enough money to cover what it cost to live in an RV.

The reason the question about how much you're putting into savings each month is important is that as an RVer you might not be able to continue to put a lot into savings, but you can add some to your savings. If you have two kids in college (or are saving to put two kids through college), doing that while living in an RV will be much harder.

A true story to consider

I know one woman who was making over $100,000 a year, but she was still running up her credit card debt most months. On top of that, she was working so much overtime that she didn't have time for a social life.

You might think that it would be hard to quit a job that was paying you $100,000 a year. She quit her job and now lives full-time in an RV. She's dipping ice cream a few hours a week working at minimum wage and is covering all of her bills, having time for a social life, and is paying off her credit card debt instead of adding to it each month.

In this article I won't go into all of the ways you can make a living while on the road, but just accept the fact that it can easily be done, even with no special skills. (See the "Related Articles" below.)

If you can sell everything, get out of debt, and pay cash for a used RV (it can be very used), you can afford to live and enjoy the RVing lifestyle. Note: It gets a lot harder if you're paying off debt.

Another way to make full-time RVing happen

You could sell your house and get rid of your monthly mortgage payment (or high rent payments), buy an RV and get your living expenses down to a very minimal level, and keep your high-paying job until you are out of debt. Then quit your job and hit the road. During that time you can be working on creating other sources of "location independent" income streams that will allow you to pay your bills without having to dip ice cream. (Although, dipping ice cream is a low-stress, fun job.)

By the way, I made the picture at the top of this article on the way to a campground in Pisgah National Forest. Camping was only $2.50 a night. To learn more about this camping spot and other information about how you can afford the RVing lifestyle, take a look at the "Related Articles" below:

Bottom line: The two things that make the RVing life affordable are that your living expenses can be extremely low and there are plenty of ways to make more than enough money to pay for your lifestyle.

Update: William Myers has just published a new book this week called Road Cash that shows you step by step dozens of ways RVers are making money while living on the road. I just finished reading it and it's excellent. Here's a link to the book:

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