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RVing in Heaven?

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There may not be any RVs in Heaven (but I can't understand why not). In the meantime where can you RV that's close to Heaven?

Everyone has their opinion, and I disagree with most of them. If you follow many of the RVing bloggers and vloggers (a term that means video bloggers--in other words people who post videos on YouTube), you will see them raving about how beautiful the desert and western part of the US is.

The western part of the US has some breathtaking scenery

If you haven't seen this part of the country, you're missing some interesting and unusual sights, but I sure wouldn't call the scenes beautiful.

I was watching one RVing video recently, and a lady was shooting her video with the desert behind her. There was nothing as far as you could see except dirt, sand, and some rolling hills. She was talking about how beautiful the scenery was. Give me a break.

Yes, it's interesting to visit these areas, but don't leave me there. I want to be around green mountains, waterfalls, rivers, and mountain streams. In other words, I want to be close to Heaven.

For the life of me, I can't understand how they can say that the desert is beautiful (except for a short period in the spring when the flowers are blooming). There are some great rock formations to see (and by all means, see the Grand Canyon), but for me, beautiful is not the word I would use to describe the Southwest. I don't dislike all of the west. The Tetons, the waterfalls in Oregon, and some other places are nice. Just don't put me in the desert and and try to tell me that it's beautiful.

An interesting observation

By the way, have you ever noticed that almost all of the TV commercials for new cars, pickup trucks, and SUVs are filmed in the west? Just an observation. I guess they think it's beautiful too.

One of the big advantages of living in an RV is that home doesn't have to be just one place

I don't like cold weather and the mountains get cold and have snow during the winter months, so I head to Florida with the other snowbirds for four or five months in the winter. Florida gets way too hot for me during the summer months, but it sure is wonderful and warm in the winter.

Where do I like to camp

I spend most of my time camping in different parts of the Appalachian Mountains--mainly in North Carolina, Tennessee, and Virgina. As far as I'm concerned, this is as close to Heaven as you can get your RV. An added advantage is that the black bears you encounter in the eastern mountains are not vicious like the grizzly bears in the Rockies.

Bottom line: Let all of the RV bloggers keep telling the world how wonderful and beautiful the western part of the US is for RVing. If everyone will keep believing that and most of the RVers stay in the west, that's fine with me. It'll make it easier for me to find available campsites in my Appalachian Mountains.

And who knows, since I'm so close to Heaven here, one day I might just get to sneak my RV into Heaven.

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