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When you're RVing things break

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When you're on the road in your RV, there's always a good chance that something will break.

I'm lucky that after more than five years on the road I've never had a breakdown on the road. I can't say the same for a lot of my friends. Here are some examples:

First of all, last week I drove my motorhome from the NC Mountains to Florida. (By the way, this means you won't be seeing any waterfall articles for the next few months.)

On the way, I ran over a piece of rubber that had come off of a truck recap tire. (There was traffic and no way to avoid it.) I heard a loud thump, but everything seemed ok. When I stopped for gas later I was walking around checking things and found that the piece of tire had hit the exhaust pipe on my generator and knocked a hole in the generator muffler.

Here's what the broken muffler looked like:

No problem except the muffler is not made any longer and is not available. I was able to get online and find one that was close for $200. I will have a muffler shop bend some exhaust pipe and make it work. That will cost about $100, so for $300, I'll be back good as new.

A friend here in the campground had a tire blowout and was stranded beside the road for three hours on his trip down.

Another friend had a timing belt break on his trip down from Wisconsin. He coasted into a rest area and there was a garage nearby. He was back on the road in quick order.

He said changing his timing belt in the near future was on his to-do list because the manual said to change it at 60,000 miles and his odometer had just rolled over to 60,000 miles. He said if he had changed the timing belt before he left on this trip, he wouldn't have had the problem.

What all of this says is that you have to be prepared for something to go wrong when you're RVing.

Bottom line: Don't sweat things going wrong. Accept the fact that when you're RVing, things are going to break.

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