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Is this the perfect RV for full-time living?
Is this the perfect RV for full-time living? This is probably not the ideal RV for full-time RVing, at least, not as your first RV. This motorhome was parked near me at a recent bluegrass rally. It's not an antique. It's almost new. It was built from scratch to look old. Most people who are thinking about living full time in an RV go through a fair amount of stress trying to find the right RV for their full-time lifestyle. Save yourself a lot of hassle and realize that regardless of how much effort you put into your search, the first RV you buy is not going to be the right one for you--unless you're very lucky. Here are my thoughts to help you get lucky--at selecting an RV, that is. . . . keep reading
My Latest Book
My Latest Book

Maybe you haven't noticed but my latest book has been added to the list of my RVing books shown on the right side of the Home page of this website. While I'm telling you about my latest book, let me tell you a little about selling books on Amazon. You may notice that the price of the eBook version of this book is only $2.99. My other eBooks are priced at $3.99. There's a reason for this. This book is more of a book that someone would read for enjoyment like they would a novel. Tests have shown that "How-to" books sell just as well at $3.99 as they do at $2.99, but entertainment type eBooks (such as novels) sell a lot better at $2.99. . . . keep reading

How Long Will an RV Last?
How Long Will an RV Last? Asking how long an RV will last is like asking how long a house will last. The last time I saw George Washington's house and Thomas Edison's house, they both looked to be in excellent condition. By-the-way, if you want to see William Shakespear's boyhood home where he lived in the 1500's, it's still in great condition. Thomas Edison had a motorhome. I wonder if it's in a museum somewhere? If it is, I bet it's in excellent condition. . . . keep reading
Does your RV have Character?
Does your RV have Character? Your RV is one of the family. It needs a name. Your RV should be like your dog--something you love dearly and would never think of getting rid of. Well, not exactly. It's OK to sell your RV and get a different one that you like better. You probably wouldn't want to sell your Doberman just because you found a Poodle that you like better. But it's OK to sell your Class C RV if you decide you like an Airstream better. Think of your RV the same way you would your dog. After all, RVs are unique and they have character. . . . keep reading
How Big of an RV do You Really Need?
How Big of an RV do You Really Need? All of our lives we've wanted bigger, fancier, and better things. It's easy for that habit to carry over into how we go about selecting an RV. I selected a 34-foot Class A motorhome which is way bigger than I need for just me. I don't even have a dog, so I for sure don't need an RV this big. How big of an RV do you really need? . . . keep reading
Traveling Through Small Towns
Traveling Through Small Towns Getting off of the interstates and traveling through small towns is one of my favorite parts living the RVing lifestyle. This picture shows downtown Black Mountain, NC (population 6,000). The local funeral home throws a party every 4th of July complete with free BBQ and live music. They have done this for 10 years in a row. Here's what they do if they have a body on the 4th. . . . keep reading
How to Watch TV in the Boondocks
How to Watch TV in the Boondocks If you're addicted to watching television, but you like to camp in the boondocks (and don't want to spend megabucks for a satellite system), you may be in for some big disappoints as an RVer. Here's a simple two-step process that will allow you to watch all of the TV you want . . . keep reading
How to Make Money on the Road
How to Make Money on the Road If you live full time in an RV, you're going to need a source of income (unless you're a trust fund baby). The main thing that keeps a lot of people from embarking on the full-time RVing lifestyle is the lack of a steady source of income. It's now easier than ever to make a living while living on the road. Here's how to do it . . . keep reading
One Question Will Tell if You Can You Afford Full-Time RVing
One Question Will Tell if You Can You Afford Full-Time RVing Spending time camping off in the wilderness as suggested by this picture is a dream of a lot of people who are considering the RVing lifestyle. But they also want to be logical and they ask themselves, "Can I afford to live this lifestyle?" Answer this one simple question and you will know for sure if you can afford to live full-time in an RV. . . . keep reading
How many credit cards does an RVer need?
How many credit cards does an RVer need? All you need is one--at long as it works. But if you use your credit card in Texas, then in Kansas and after that in Timbuktu, naturally your credit card company is sometimes going to sense that something may be wrong and freeze your account while they check things out. Of course, with a few phone calls and some time on hold, you can usually get the problem worked out. They may have to send you another card or tell you to wait until Monday and go by one of their branch offices and pick up a temporary card, but what do you do in the meantime? . . . keep reading
RVing in Heaven?
RVing in Heaven? There may not be any RVs in Heaven (but I can't understand why not). In the meantime where can you RV that's close to Heaven? Everyone has their opinion, and I disagree with most of them. I've traveled all over the US and you can't get any closer to Heaven than . . . keep reading
Take time to see the weird things
Take time to see the weird things When you're traveling, take the time to see the weird things. Don't spend all of your time being a tourist and looking at the tourist things. "The traveler sees what he sees, the tourist sees what he has come to see." There is a lot of truth in this comment. The Grand Canyon, Niagra Falls, and the Disney World are all worth seeing and experiencing, but I like to see the non-tourist things even more. Here are some examples of interesting and maybe even weird things I've seen recently . . . keep reading
I Don't Think Being an Adult is Going to Work for Me
I Don't Think Being an Adult is Going to Work for Me On second thought, if I'm not going to be an adult, I should go play in the river. That's what the kids who are camped a few spaces over from me are doing this morning. That water is cold as ice and they are already wet from head to toe, but they're having fun. I think turning blue stopped being fun for me a long time ago. Maybe I want the best of both worlds. . . . keep reading
It would take a rocket scientist
Did you ever feel like it would take a rocket scientist to understand how to solve a problem confronting you? Whether it's understanding the instructions in a recipe, getting your new computer set up or figuring out how to use an app on your cell phone, there comes a time when you get the feeling that it would take a rocket scientist to figure things out. I seem to find myself in that situation more and more. Are things getting more complicated or am I just getting older and dumber? . . . keep reading
RVs are going to leak
RVs are going to leak If you have an RV, sooner or later you're going to have a leak. When an RV is going down the road it is being beaten up worse than a house in a moderate earthquake. Seams break loose, caulking gets old, and things wiggle. You are going to have leaks. Even new RVs leak sometimes. Here are the techniques I use to find and prevent leaks . . . keep reading
Getting Everything Done
Do you ever feel like you are so far behind you'll never catch up? I like to take on interesting projects and they always take way longer to complete than I expect. That's a recipe for always being behind. Warren Buffett has a way to keep from being behind. Here's how he does it . . . keep reading
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