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Here are the links to the websites, books, and videos referred to in my two RVing books

. . . plus some new links that are not in the books

Several places in my two RV books I say go to to find links to videos, websites, and books that are being discussed. The links on this page do not include all of the links that are in the book, but the links included here are the ones you will go to most often, so I included them here so they wwould be easy to find.

First, let's look at the Videos

One good way to learn more about what it would be like living full-time in an RV is to talk to people who are doing it. If you don't know anyone personally, the next best thing is to watch some interviews with people who are living full-time in their RVs. Listen as they talk about their experiences, the pros and cons of the RV lifestyle, and how they're making their incomes.

These videos are all short, 7 to 10 minutes long typicallly. Some of them show young solo RVers, some show young couples, and some show retired couples. Some of the RVers are very frugal and some are on a bigger budget.

Some of the RVers are in these videos are earning 100% of thier expenses doing workamping, some have Internet projects or other streams of income, and some, of course, are retired and are living off of their Social Security and investments.

Turn off the TV for one night and spend an hour or so watching these videos and you will have a good idea of what the RVing lifestyle is all about.

RV Pros and Cons by female, solo RVer, Pippi Peterson:

Ramblings: Tales from Nomads - Interstellar Orchard by female, solo RVer, Becky Schade
(Note: This video was shot, editied and produced by Chris and Cherie of

17 full-time young RVers tell about their lives and how they make money on the road One thing you will notice in this video is that these young RVers have all types of RVs -- big, little, motorhomes, trailers, and fifth-wheel rigs. Here's the link:

This video was also created by Chris and Cherie who I talked about earlier and you can see more of their interviews at this link:

Here are some websites that have a lot of helpful information Chris and Cherie share a lot of useful information on their site. They have a big converted bus that they have done wonders with and made it fancy and functional. Spend some time on their website and you will soon know even more than most long-time RVers. New articles are posted every week and there are a lot of video interviews on this site that you will find interesting. Jason and Nikki Wynn have a website with a lot of in-depth articles and interesting comments and commentary. They have a lot of articles about how they make money while they're traveling. Be sure to check out their website. They're constantly posting new and up to date information. Howard and Linda have a website that's full of information and personal experiences. Turn the TV off and spend a night reading and absorbing the wealth of information they have to offer. There is also a lively Discussion Forum on the site. The following link will take you directly to the Discussion Forum: Becky Schade is a 30 year old, college educated, single female living full time in her RV. She does workamping more than she uses technology to fund her travels. On her site you can read her articles and you can learn more about what she does and her solo RVing lifestyle. She posts a couple of new articles every week and I think you will find them enlightening and interesting. Some of her articles are about her travels and some are about what she does, what she thinks and her life in general on the road as a full-time single female RVer. Be sure to click on the "Useful Stuff" link in the top nav bar on her website and then click on some of the articles on that page. You will find them very informative. This is another website that I like. I especially like the discussion forum on this site. Note that this website has a dot net and not a dot com suffix. Their discussion group is broken into several categories -- Class A, Fifth-wheels, Workamping, etc. Check out the different Discussion Groups and you will learn a lot. I check into these forums almost daily. This is a great site to use to keep up with friends you've met on the road. Where are they now, where will they be next, etc.? This site has a lot of campground and travel information. You can also get their information as an app for your iPhone, iPad, iPod or Android device at Use this site to find recommended local services -- dentist, restaurants, auto repair shops, computer repair shops, etc. Use this site to see reviews and recommendations for 19,000 campgrounds. One thing I like about this site is that you get to see why people like or dislike a particular campground.

In their blog at the link below, Diana and Mike tell you their secret to finding work anywhere and how they've been supporting their life on the road for two years now.

Websites that show you where to find free places to camp

Here are the three RV books I think everyone who is interested in the RV lifestyle should own

(In addition to my two books shown below, of course)

If you are even remotely thinking about buying a motorhome, by all means buy the book by Bill Myers,

1. Buying a Used Motorhome - How to get the most for your money and not get burned.

This book saved me thousands of dollars and allowed me to select the motorhome that has proven to be just right for my lifestyle. At $2.99 you can't go wrong. This book is available on Amazon. You can get the Kindle version for $2.99 or the paperback version for $13.46.

After you buy your motorhome, you will need to know how to drive it. Here is the best book I've found on driving a motorhome. It's only 46 pages long and it has a lot of pictures and drawings, so it won't take you long to read it. You can order it directly from the author at for $30

2. RV Basic Training -- Motor Home Driving Course Manual

Another book I highly recommend is the book,

3. All the Stuff You need to know about RVing, by Ronald E. Jones and Robert G. Lowe shown below.

You can find the book on Amazon. Just search for the title. I have read many (not all) of the RV books out there and I consider this to be one of the best and most complete when it comes to general information about RVs and the systems and equipment associated with them.

Here are my two recent RVing books I referred to above.

They are available on Amazon in both paperback and in ebook format. If you buy (or already own) one or both of these books, I would apprreciate a review on Amazon. A large number of reviews really help sales, so reveiws are greatly appreciated.

You can click on either book image below and it will take you directly to the Amazon sales page.

RV Retirement book

Young RVers Book
This book will be available by the end of Feb. This book is finished (at least, my part is). It's being formatted and should be available by the end of Feb. or before. When it's . . . keep reading
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