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It would take a rocket scientist
Did you ever feel like it would take a rocket scientist to understand how to solve a problem confronting you? Whether it's understanding the instructions in a recipe, getting your new computer set up or figuring out how to use an app on your cell phone, there comes a time when you get the feeling that it would take a rocket scientist to figure things out. I seem to find myself in that situation more and more. Are things getting more complicated or am I just getting older and dumber? . . . keep reading

RVs are going to leak
RVs are going to leakIf you have an RV, sooner or later you're going to have a leak. When an RV is going down the road it is being beaten up worse than a house in a moderate earthquake. Seams break loose, caulking gets old, and things wiggle. You are going to have leaks. Even new RVs leak sometimes. Here are the techniques I use to find and prevent leaks . . . keep reading

Getting Everything Done
Do you ever feel like you are so far behind you'll never catch up? I like to take on interesting projects and they always take way longer to complete than I expect. That's a recipe for always being behind. Warren Buffett has a way to keep from being behind. Here's how he does it . . . keep reading

Finding ways to save money may not be the best way to afford the RVing lifestyle
Websites and RVing blogs have articles by the hundreds about how to save money while you're RVing. You can find a lot of good advice and learn techniques for saving money from these websites. But finding ways to save money may not be the best way to afford the RVing lifestyle. . . . keep reading

Leaving Florida, Headed to the Mountains
Leaving Florida, Headed to the MountainsThis image of a cozy camper in the snow almost makes me want to camp in the snow, but notice that I said, "almost." I still like to be in Florida during the winter months. I don't like cold weather. . . . keep reading

What Should You Do If You Have a Tire Blowout While Driving Your RV?
Having a tire blow out while driving an RV can turn into a major disaster. You could end up rolling your RV over, totaling it, and you and your family might survive and you might not. Some people live through these accidents and some don't. Knowing what to do could save your life. So what is the first thing you should you do if you have a tire blowout while driving your RV? Hitting the brakes is the worst thing you can do. . . . keep reading

Senior Pass deadline is Oct. 1st
Senior Pass deadline is Oct. 1stThere's good news if you have procrastinated and haven't ordered your National Parks Senior Pass yet. You can get a lifetime Senior Pass for $10, but back in Dec. 2016 a bill was passed raising the price to $80, but there was no announced effective date. But now there is an official date for the price increase. It's October 1st, 2017. . . . keep reading

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